“I just wanted to thank you for helping me out the past couple months. I got my scores back today and got a 1580 (800 in math) with a 23 on the essay which may be more of a testament to your skills as a tutor than to my intelligence. I think it’s safe to say I won’t be taking the test again so thank you for helping me out the past couple months and I hope you keep helping other kids like you helped me.”- Roxbury Latin Student

“I wanted to write you a very much overdue thank you to let you know that our daughter scored a 31 (up 4 points from 27) on her June ACT. We were thrilled with our tutor and found her very easy to work with and personable. I overheard many sessions and she upped our daughter’s confidence in many ways… I’m so glad I contacted you after learning of Sexton Prep on What’s Up Wellesley. I will continue to recommend you and spread the word!”

-Wellesley Parent

“…That is an improvement of 160 points over his pre-test in February. He honestly couldn’t have accomplished this without (his tutor’s) help and we are incredibly grateful for all of her assistance and support. (Our son) told us that he thought he got a perfect score on the math when he finished. I know that before working with (his tutor) he never felt that confidence. Thank you again!”

– Wellesley Parent

“Sexton prep provided our daughter with the kind of warm and personalized support she needed to get the scores she hoped for but never dreamed she would get. She went from a 25 on her first ACT test to a 32. Her wonderful tutor saw her potential and encouraged her to work for the results she wanted.”

-Weston Parent

Thanks for your service this year. My kids enjoyed working with our tutor and look forward to getting his help next year. I wish I’d found you earlier.

– Wellesley Parent

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of you work with me this summer with the SAT II and the ACT. I just had my admissions interview at Harvard yesterday and they said everything looks great for a likely letter in October and official admission in December!

– Nobles Student

I’m not sure if I ever let you know that our tutor worked out great for (our daughter’s) Math 2 test. She was able to increase her score by 100 points!!!I have just recommended you to a friend of mine. I’m sure we will require your services again for our son who is a freshman now.

– Wellesley Parent

(Our son) thought you were awesome!!!!!! He said working with you was great! He really loves how you teach. Wow! Thank you so much!!!!

– Framingham Parent

“Thank you so much for taking great care of my client. He got a 30 on the ACT, which was significantly higher than anyone dared hope. Beyond BookSmart trusts Sexton Tutoring because your coaching is great, and you get results!”

– Michael Delman
CEO, Beyond BookSmart

“We have worked with two extremely effective tutors from Sexton Test Prep and they are always on time and well-prepared. The tutors are well-versed with respect to the content and pacing of all of the standardized tests and come up with a plan customized to the way your child learns and targeted to overcome any deficit areas they may have. I have found that using a tutor from Sexton Test Prep takes a lot of pressure of what can be a very stressful time for students. In short, well worth the investment.”

– Wellesley Parent

“Our student managed to earn an 800 on his English Lit SAT. Woo hoo! We knew he had it in him. He just needed the right guidance, and Andrew was the perfect fit, role model, mentor for him. Thanks so much.”

– Brookline Parent

Ben is an exceptional tutor! My son went up 400 pts. between his PSAT score and his SAT score with his help. Ben has a calm and authoritative demeanor and my hard to please teen actually looked forward to his time with him.

In addition, from a parents perspective, he was a pleasure to work with, always prompt, professional, and courteous.

– Wellesley Parent

“I got a 2190 (from 1780)! Thank you so much. You are the Mr. Miyagi of test prep.”

-Rivers Student

“I would like to give you a HUGE thank you for all the work you did to prepare me for the May SAT, 2013. You had a good, concrete strategy for every type of problem. You also explained everything in a way that made sense to me. Most importantly, you helped me to receive a much higher score. You are clearly an expert on the SAT reasoning test.

-Milton Academy Student

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me over the past two years. Your sheer genius, patience, and hilariousness are unparalleled. I have no idea where I’d be without you.”

-Nobles Student

“We are delighted to serve as a reference for you regarding your tutoring services… We were impressed with the written materials that you prepared and gave to (our son) to help him with his preparations. You were very reliable, responsive to messages, and used your time with (our son) efficiently. You had a very nice, easy-going way of getting the points across. According to (our son), he was very comfortable with you from the start and actually looked forward to your tutoring sessions… We also saw concrete results from your tutoring efforts. (Our son’s) SAT scores improved from his PSAT scores as follows: 90 points higher in Critical Reading, 110 points higher in math, and 110 higher in writing. You also tutored (our son) for the ACT and he saw similar improvement in his ACT scores from his PLAN scores: 5 points higher in English, 3 points higher in math, 7 points higher in reading, and 12 points higher (perfect 36) in science… Thanks in no small part to your tutoring efforts, (our son) was accepted to his first-choice college on the early decision plan.”

-Weston Parent

“Our daughter actually, really looks forward to your tutoring. In fact, you are the only tutor she has felt this way about working with, so I think you have gained her trust. I think (despite her struggling with the subject) there is a good dynamic here working with you, as you have been very encouraging of her ability to do the math.”

-Wellesley Parent

“Thought you would like to know how (our daughter) did on the Nov SAT math. She got a score of 690 (from 560) so we are very pleased.”

-Newton Parent

“How about a 640 (from 490) in Critical Reading?”-Wellesley Parent

“Ben is an outstanding instructor, well-trained and possessing a high intellectual capacity and a strong work ethic… He has the rare ability to communicate his knowledge to others in a clear and patient way. He is available to his students every day, at almost any hour of the day. He is a natural polymath, showing amazing proficiency in a range of academic topics, from the hard sciences to American literature… I could not recommend Ben more highly. He is a remarkable young man.”

-Dana Hall Parent

“Just wanted to thank you. Your approach clearly made a difference. (Our daughter) went up 40 pts in critical reading, 50 points in math, and 120 in writing (210 total). She was especially pleased with her 11 on the essay. We are very pleased. You were terrific working with her. I am happy to be a reference for you.”

-Needham Parent

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