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SAT/ACT Waiting Game

With many students having just taken the October SAT or the PSAT, students and parents are now playing the waiting game: SAT scores come back in just a matter of days. Here is some information on score release dates, and what to do with your scores once you have them. October 7th SAT scores begin […]

How Much Can My Score Improve?

One of the most common questions we field from prospective clients, especially at this time of year when many rising juniors are just starting test prep, is “how much will my son or daughter’s scores improve from tutoring?” This is a complex question, but it is important to set expectations at the beginning of the […]

SAT/ACT Prep – When to Start

Congratulations to those who have completed their final exams and completed junior year, and good luck to those who have exams coming up or are taking them right now. As the 2016-2017 testing season draws to a close, most of the calls we now receive are from rising juniors. One of the most common questions, […]

How to Use the New August SAT Date

In 2017, for the first time, the College Board is offering an SAT test date in August. This “summer SAT” falls on August 26th, right before the beginning of school. So, while the test technically occurs during the summer, it really functions like a fall test date. The August test date offers some key, strategic […]

Subject Test Strategy

As Spring begins, many students are wrapping up their major test preparation and looking toward the end of the school year. In May, some students will be doing AP examinations; June brings SAT Subject Tests and final exams. We get a lot of questions at Sexton Test Prep about Subject Tests. This blog entry contains […]

What to Know about Your Student’s PSAT Score

October PSAT scores are now available to students.  Here are a couple of notes and recommendations for how to use and interpret the scores. Remember that each section is scored out of 760, and not 800.  The highest possible score is 1520. This means your student’s PSAT score will be slightly and artificially lower than […]

Test Prep

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