Academic & Enrichment Tutoring

We offer customized, one-on-one academic and enrichment tutoring that is personalized to your student(s) needs. Our experienced staff can catch you up to speed in your classes, supplement your classroom experience by building stronger foundations, or even push you beyond what is required of you in school.
Traditional weekly academic tutoring can raise grades, boost confidence, and enable students to take more advanced classes at school. Our tutors provide flexibility and expertise to help you keep your grades as high as possible.
Or, many students benefit from a “preview” of courses before they actually take them. Our staff can also help you get ahead of the material in class.

Furthermore, students often need help with more general academic skills, like writing papers, organizing assignments, and studying effectively for tests. We can help your student manage these sometimes complex and difficult processes effectively.
We do not require a long-term commitment for academic or enrichment tutoring!
We have tutors that specialize in almost every academic subject! You can also read about them here. Our tutors’ academic and career choices demonstrate their passion for their subjects.