The Digital SAT: Advantages

I recently attended the annual National Test Preparation Association conference in Atlanta, where Angela Delbrocco, Executive Director of Strategy at the College Board, spoke about the upcoming Digital PSAT/SAT. In the US, the first administration of this new product will be the PSAT in the fall of 2023. Paper-and-pencil SAT testing will conclude at the […]

Understanding Your PSAT Scores

By: Ben Sexton I hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. With Thanksgiving Break sling-shotting us into December, juniors can look forward to receiving their PSAT scores shortly – MA students can access their scores through the College Board portal on Monday, December 6th, less than a week away. Along with their […]

SAT & ACT News for 2021-2022

Welcome to the start of another school year! As summer wraps up, both ACT and SAT have news to share for 2021-2022: The ACT has streamlined its process for obtaining extended time, and the SAT has released its “What to Expect on Test Day” statement addressing health and safety measures, test cancellation announcements, and rescheduling procedures for […]

Starting your test preparation now?

As we near the end of the 2020-21 school year, the chaos surrounding testing access has largely subsided. Test cancellations are fewer and announced farther in advance. Test seats are open to those who want them. Students no longer need to trek to out-of-state sites for testing opportunities. And, many schools have begun to offer […]

Announcing New Spring & Summer Course Dates!

It’s not too late to start preparing for the SAT or ACT! Is your student taking a late spring or summer exam? One of our new class dates may be the answer! We have just added new dates for our popular small group classes and workshops for this spring and early summer! Our courses are perfect […]

College Board Announces Major Changes

By: Ben Sexton Recently, College Board announced three major changes to their operations: the elimination of Subject Tests effective immediately, The elimination of the SAT essay after the June 2021 test, and the introduction of an online and possibly at-home version of the SAT. The first two changes, despite grabbing headlines, were minor and expected. […]

What Makes a “Professional” Tutor?

By: Ben Sexton As an industry veteran, I’ve looked through the websites of many competing tutoring companies and owner-operators. For the owner-operators, a selling point is often that companies employ “graduate students doing tutoring as a side gig” as tutors, while the owner-operators themselves are, by contrast, “full-time professional tutors.” This is many people’s picture of […]

Will my Student Get to Test?

     In recent weeks, we’ve received a lot of long-term good news, with the prospect of multiple effective vaccines on the horizon. But in the short-term, we face a few months of limited activity, with an increasing number of schools going to remote-only learning between Thanksgiving and the New Year. With that in mind, many parents […]

Testing Out of State? How to Manage Changing Test Sites

At this point, pretty much every rising senior knows the feeling of having their SAT/ACT test site cancelled. Time and again since the spring, students have signed up for test dates, waited patiently for confirmation, and found out on late notice that the school where they were hoping to test had decided not to host. […]

Testing Plans for Rising Juniors

The college admissions landscape is rapidly changing. Yes, by the time current rising juniors apply to college, it likely that the threat of the pandemic will have faded and we will have returned to some semblance of previously normal life. But, many colleges and universities have adopted test-optional (TO) policies that span beyond the coming […]