How We Can Help!

Here is a a reminder about some ways that we can help while your student is home during this stressful time. 

  • See below for a list of new and unique online workshops with Ben Sexton. Our online workshops  are a great opportunity for additional learning while students have some down time. Sign up today or give us a call with quesitons!
  • Meet one-on-one with a tutor online for any test prep (SAT/ACT or ISEE/SSAT) or academic subject. All of our tutors have access to video and whiteboards, making remote tutoring both easy and effective.
  • Take a practice test with us at home!

Online Workshop Annoucement:

Sign up today for a workshop with Ben Sexton! Each course is 1.5 – 2 hours. No prior tutoring is required. Each course can be taken on it’s own.

Gambling And Investing – Learn The Math Behind Your Money
Tuesday, March 24th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

We all know gambling is generally a bad idea and investing generally a good one, but how does the Math behind it work?
In the first part of the course, students learn the basic rules for common casino games; through this process, they learn about probability, odds, expected value, permutations and combinations, and other statistical topics that become more interesting in the context of games. By the end of the gambling segment, your student will sure to know exactly why gambling is not a great idea! In the second half, students learn about basic investing concepts with money market accounts, CDs, stocks, and bonds; through these lessons, students learn about percent change, exponential growth and decay, interest rates, compound interest, and standard deviation, among other topics. By the end of the investing segment, your student should understand that educated investing can be a great idea! And they will learn/review valuable Math skills in the process. To register, click here.

SAT/ACT Vocabulary – More Important Than You Think
Thursday, March 26th, 1:00pm – 2:30pm

The word these days is that neither SAT nor ACT tests vocabulary all that much anymore. But is that true?
Vocabulary is actually pretty heavily tested, just not quite in the way students think. In the course, we review prevalent SAT/ACT words, words with multiple meaning, words with scientific and historic context, common “word swaps” (than vs. then), and linking words (when do you start a sentence with “Regardless,” anyway?). To register, click here.

Personal Finance Workshop
Thursday, March 26th & Thursday, April 2nd, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Learn about personal finance in a conceptual, approachable, fun, and FREE online workshop! This two-part seminar covers all of the major aspects of personal finance and is geared towards High School students. The first session discusses day-to-day finance: accounts, payment methods, bills and budgeting, earnings, and taxes. The second covers investment topics, including savings, retirement, interest rates, loans, and investment vehicles like stocks and bonds. We will close with a discussion of the current situation in global markets. To register, click here.

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