SAT Updates: June 2019 Test Forms

I hope that you’re enjoying this wonderful weather and that you and your students have some upcoming time to relax now that the school year and testing cycle are over or almost over. 

The June SAT: Many Different Test Forms

In an unprecedented move, the College Board administered (it appears) 17 different SAT tests on Saturday, June 1st. Usually, everyone across the country takes the same form of the test, but this time, kids in the same testing room even had different testing forms. 
This move by the College Board will likely have very little impact on individual students; the tests are “equated” such that once each test’s unique scale is applied, all tests are supposed to be of equal difficulty. But, we’ve faced a few questions from anxious students wondering why “my friends said the test was easy, but it seemed hard to me.” 
June is not one of the “released” tests – those occur in March, May, and October – so we won’t get to see this wealth of new testing material anytime soon.  Just be aware that June was a different situation than students have faced before.
Finally, because of the massive amount of test material the SAT has to process, June SAT scores will not be released until July 10th,  a much longer wait than usual.