Sexton Strategy Session

Sexton Strategy Sessions were created to meet the needs of students and families looking for in depth personalized advice and guidance on how to navigate standardized testing (SAT/ACT and/or SSAT/ISEE).

During this session, one of our team members works with you to understand the students’ unique learning style, goals, special circumstances, as well as their academic strengths and areas for improvement. Together we will review your official/practice score report including section scores and we will provide advice on which exam to proceed with given the student’s performance.

This 45 minute session can be held in person (depending on location) or over the phone/Zoom. By participating in a Sexton Strategy Session, students and their families will know their next step, have created a timeline for preparation, have selected test date(s), have a list of the resources they should be using, know what they uniquely need to focus on, and feel more confident in how they will manage their testing. 

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