ACT & SAT Classes

Sexton regularly offers 10-12 hour SAT and ACT courses to prepare your student for college entrance exams. The SAT and ACT classes are taught by one of our master tutors. Each course is designed to give your student a complete overview of all sections of the SAT or ACT. By completing our course, students will become familiar with strategies and improve their knowledge of the most commonly tested topics. From punctuation to coordinate geometry to active reading, each class will comprehensively address all of the important topics on the SAT or ACT. The skills and tricks learned during this unique course will undoubtedly increase your student’s score. Space is limited to 16 students per class.

SAT Class (May Test Date): This six-session class will meet in Wellesley on Sunday afternoons from 4-6pm beginning March 10th and is designed to prepare students for the May SAT. The course fee includes 12 hours of classroom preparation, books, supplemental materials, and priority access to our free mock tests. For more information or to sign up for the SAT Class click here.