The Story of Sexton Test Prep

Our History:

Ben Sexton began tutoring the SAT in his senior year in college in 2003. After working for a tutoring company for one year post-graduation, he was a solo practitioner until 2011, when he formed Sexton Test Prep LLC and began hiring other tutors. Sexton Test Prep now boasts a very talented team of nearly 20 tutors with deep and diverse skill sets that meet the needs of a wide array of students. Our manager, Sarah W, oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, taking inquiries, matching tutors, and guiding families through the test preparation process. Ben’s wife, Sarah, manages our school and classroom partnerships. Working together for the past five years, Ben and the two Sarahs have grown Sexton Test prep into one of the premier tutoring companies in Metrowest Boston.

Our Philosophy:

Talented Tutors

We believe the best tutors are experienced and committed. Experienced tutors can adapt their approaches to different learning styles, seamlessly tailor tutoring programs to individual students and timelines, and, most importantly, deliver dependably positive results. Committed tutors plan to be in the tutoring and educational fields long-term. They maintain successful relationships with students, and they have a proven interest in student success. All of our tutors come to us with previous teaching or tutoring experience, possess exceptional talent in their various content areas, and complete a rigorous training program involving direct training with Ben and extensive self-study.

Superior Service

We provide our clients with a streamlined, straightforward, and impactful tutoring process. Our experienced team provides efficient and effective test preparation, along with practical, knowledgeable, and up-to-date advice. As a smaller family company, we know each of our tutors personally and excel at the student-tutor matching process. From choosing a test, to establishing a testing timeline, to designing and completing a tutoring program, we are here every step of the way to provide expert, concierge-level service.

Outstanding Results

Tutoring is a partnership between student, tutor, and family. All three parties must work together effectively for the tutoring process to succeed. With hard work, homework completion, and consistent scheduling, our students and families see the results they want. Sometimes students are even ecstatic!. Year after year, we deliver a highly skilled tutor team, consistently positive student outcomes, and up-to-date, proven test prep curriculums that are the product of more than 15 years of development and refinement.