The Story of Sexton Test Prep

Our History:

Ben Sexton began tutoring the SAT after graduating from Skidmore College in 2004. He was a solo practitioner until 2012, when he formed Sexton Test Prep LLC and began hiring other tutors. Sexton Test Prep now has a very talented team of tutors with diverse skill sets that meet the needs of a wide array of students. Sarah, Ben’s wife, now also serves as the company’s manager taking inquires, managing billing, and working with our tutor team.

Our Philosophy:

We believe the best tutors are experienced and committed. Experienced tutors can work with different learning styles, tailor tutoring programs to individual students, and deliver more consistently positive results. Committed tutors are in the tutoring field long-term, maintain successful relationships with students, and have a proven interest in student success. These are the people we hire.

We also believe that tutoring is a partnership between student, tutor, and family. All three parties must work together effectively for the tutoring process to succeed. Proper communication of expectations and progress is a must.

We want to provide you with a streamlined, straightforward, and successful tutoring process. Our experienced professionals can provide quick and effective test preparation, along with practical and knowledgeable advice.