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Three Reasons You Should Make Test Prep A Priority In 2020

Happy 2020! We hope everyone has successfully re-engaged with the real world now that the holiday season has passed. As you begin the New Year, many of you may have just started or be thinking about starting test preparation for your junior. And some may be wondering, with more schools going test-optional, is test preparation […]

PSAT Scores are in!

Happy Monday… and PSAT score release day! Actually, scores are released today through Wednesday, with different regions of the country receiving scores at different times. Luckily, MA is one of the states whose scores come out today, so you should be able to access your scores through the College Board website. Within the score report […]

Changes to the ACT

We have a slew of tests approaching in the next few weeks, with the PSAT this week, the October ACT next week, and the November ACT the week after that. Good luck to all of the test-takers! This month, the ACT announced a significant change starting in September 2020: students will be allowed to retake […]

How to Maximize Tutoring

I hope everyone has enjoyed a relaxing and rejuvenating summer so far… still a little time left! Nonetheless, many students have recently begun their SAT/ACT tutoring processes – or will be starting their tutoring soon in the fall – so I wanted to address one of the most common and important questions we receive: how […]

SAT Updates: June 2019 Test Forms

I hope that you’re enjoying this wonderful weather and that you and your students have some upcoming time to relax now that the school year and testing cycle are over or almost over.  The June SAT: Many Different Test Forms In an unprecedented move, the College Board administered (it appears) 17 different SAT tests on […]

SAT & ACT Essay- To Take or Not To Take

The SAT and ACT essays, both the subject of many revisions and much controversy over the past few years, have reached the brink of extinction. This summer, many of the last holdouts – elite schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Duke – dropped the essay as an application requirement, leaving only the California state schools requiring […]

PSAT Results Out Today

Welcome back! As we move into December and the holiday season kicks into full swing, test preparation season starts to kick into full swing, as well, as a raft of scores come out this month. The most notable of these scores are PSAT scores, which should be available to all students today, December 11th. PSAT […]

SAT & ACT Classes in Wellesley

Sexton is offering a two courses this winter to prepare students for the March SAT and February ACT. Each class will focus on one exam and will be taught by one of our Expert Tutors. The courses are designed to give your student a complete strategic overview of all sections of the SAT/ACT. Space is […]

SAT and ACT Preparation: Two Homework Mistakes

Greetings from Ben at Sexton Test Prep. This month, I want to address homework completion and the test preparation process. Obviously, homework completion is an integral part of test preparation and score improvement. But, two common problems arise that interfere with student progress. The first is manufacturing score results. This occurs when a student wants […]

Free Session: Navigating the Test Prep Process

SAT/ACT/Test Optional? Unsure of which path is right for you/your student? Come to this informative session to learn about the 2018-2019 standardized testing landscape. During this one-hour presentation, we will discuss the differences between the exams, how they are scored, when to take the exams, and how to pick between them. Students and parents will […]